Jade Ambassadors

We love our ambassadors!  Through this program we hope to build community and make connections - working together to help us help your practice and help make the world a little better place. JadeYoga would not exist without yogis who are passionate about our mats and our company philosophy.   To find out more about how you can become and Ambassador, click here.



Molly Malarkey

Studio: Yoga Love

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: I've practiced yoga across six continents on this big, beautiful planet and come to realize one thing: the universal language is love. 

I have been practicing yoga since 2010 and teaching since 2016. I enjoy practicing different styles of yoga including vinyasa, acro yoga, yin yoga, hot power yoga, kundalini, you name it. I use yoga as a pathway to the present moment. Focusing on the breath and noticing when you are able to fully drop into your body and become the observer is a stepping stone along the way. I bring energy, expansion and long savasanas to my classes and am honored to be a guide along my students healing journeys.  

Carley Ditro

Studio: I teach yoga at Syracuse Yoga in Syracuse, NY. As well as my home yoga studio, Carley Ditro Yoga Always, that is complete with Jade Harmony mats!

Style: Vinyasa, Strength & Stretch

Philosophy: Yoga anytime, anywhere...Yoga Always! Use yoga to give love to your body, while working to stretch and strengthen it along the way. Yoga for EveryBODY!

A cause that is important to Carley is Clear Path for Vets and you can find more information on their programs here: http://www.clearpath4vets.com/

Carley received her 200hr teaching training at Marianne Wells Yoga School and you can find Carley online on both Facebook and Instagram.


Jenna Rose 

Studio: Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation and Kodawari Studios in Tampa, Florida
Style: Vinyasa 

Philosophy: JENNA ROSE’s background as a registered nurse has ignited her passion for using the yoga practice as a holistic way of healing mind, body, & spirit. Jenna focuses on building strength with proper alignment to cultivate a powerful vinyasa flow practice.

Jenna received her 200 RYT certification in Costa Rica with Awakened Life School of Yoga. Since then, she has completed further trainings in meditation, breath work, & inversions. Jenna has dedicated herself to delving deeper into the yoga practice to share the light of this practice with others.


Lauren Johnakin

Studio: Colors of Yoga in Raleigh, North Carolina

Style: Power Vinyasa 

Philosophy: To bridge a gap between cultures to ignite change and impact the world. I believe the world can heal through the benefits of yoga and I feel as though my position as a yoga instructor is to share my experiences and create space for others to share their journey that will lead to unification of communities and spark a transition that will positively impact the world.  

Allison Bergson 

Studio: Pulse Power Yoga, Sacramento, CA

Style: Vinyasa 

Philosophy: We control our breath and we control our thoughts. Teaching yoga, is giving students power over their breath and the ability to reflect over the way they chose to perceive their experience on the yoga mat. The way we choose to perceive our experience on and off the mat is directly connected to our breath. We are all capable of changing our thought patterns if we are willing to make a conscious decision to do so.

Ame Cardelli 

Studio: On Track Yoga Mount Holly, NC

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Amelia Havenac

Studio: Barre Bee Fit, Ann Arbor, MI
Style: Ashtanga

Philosophy: You get what you put in. In yoga, your career, in relationships, and in life. You have to ask questions along the way. Be Creative and challenge yourself, mentally and physically. 

Alexandra Kazimir

Studio: Mauna Kea Beach Hotel & Resort, Big Island, Hawaii & Independently
Style: Hatha/Vinyasa with elements of everything!

Philosophy: Allowah Lani leads students into the heart of living YOGA.  His programs are not just experiences, they are total life transformations. To know Allowah is to know love. His teachings go beyond the limited layers of what society has us believing, to the heart of your true Self. To discover this is simply priceless. The questions you’ll ask yourself during the journey will dive deep into the inner work that has been calling you. The love of this tribe will continue to expand as you step into the real world, fully present and aware of your purpose. Allowah presents yoga through an integrated lens of asana, spirituality, and fully living the practice of yoga.

Ami Adamski

Studio: Advanced Holistic Health Southgate, MI
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Healing happens through connection with the deepest part of who we are. I incorporate fun and smiles into each class. Through assisted yoga postures, guided breathing, and non directive dialogue I give students the opportunity to experience a connection to their physical and emotional selves. Often times, creating a release, personal growth, awareness, and deep healing. I feel we are living our lives through our yoga practice. Our attitudes on our mats often match our attitude in everyday life. In many of my classes we push to our physical edge by nurturing where we are in the moment.

Amy Jean Pastore

Style: Vinyasa and Iflow (creator)

Philosophy: iflow encourages you to mix and blend a yoga practice that you enjoy, one which is a reflection of your own unique Divine Self.

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne started practicing yoga when she was working in the high stress corporate world. She traveled constantly and always looked for ways to stay healthy and active while on the road. Now as a busy mom of two girls, she has dedicated her time to deepening her practice and connecting with her students (even kids!) on ways to allow their yoga experience to ripple into all aspects of their lives. She's committed to helping others reach their full potential both spiritually and physically.

Concetta Codding

Studio: Live Yoga Danielson, CT
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: As a teacher, I try to guide my students into opening their hearts and being in the present moment through rooted intentions and awareness of breath. The goal is to prolong concentration and meditation to become one with the universe and realize its truth. My classes are vinyasa styled, but end with yin poses for a calming, balancing effect on the body and mind to lead into sacred savasana.

Tara Laval

Studio: Yoga Loft Tampa
Style: Hatha Flow

Philosophy: Yoga is for everyone! The number one thing I hear from potential/beginner students is, "I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible enough." My philosophy is that yoga is accessible for everyone. It's not about being super bendy or flexible, but breathing into each pose, feeling that connection between your body mind and soul.

Angela Gattin

Studio: Yoga for the Road Benton, Arkansas
Style: Iyengar

Philosophy: I offer a slower, more attentive pace that is process-oriented rather than goal-oriented, with an interest in making your practice fulfilling rather than making your practice perfect.

Alona Smith

Studio: Anam Cara Yoga Studio
Style: Ashtanga

Philosophy: My intentions as a teacher and as founder of the Anam Cara studio are to be compassionate, empowering, and inspiring, and to create a safe and fun environment where students can learn to listen to, honor and respect their bodies, achieve more balance in life, reduce stress, and increase flexibility. I believe that continual physical movement, meditation, mind/body awareness and good nutrition are the road to well being and happiness.

Shanna Gilfix

Studio: Liberation Yoga Los Angeles, CA Photo by Erika Bermudez
Style: Hatha (Vinyasa) 

Philosophy: I like to let students explore yoga as a journey into the self. I give direction by guiding my students through poses and giving alignment tips, but mostly, I want them to learn what yoga means on a visceral level. How does your breathing change from form to form? How is the pose affected when different muscles are engaged? Most importantly, how can you use the calm that you find in difficult poses to help you find calm in difficult situations in life. Yoga is my path to self-realization. I aim to help others find their light through yoga.

Angelina Hernandez

Studio: Lotus Living Arts Concord, NC
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Yoga is for everyone! It is a practice that can bring peace and calm to your life. As a teacher,I hope to share with my students the beauty of the practice and the benefits it has brought into my life. Yoga brings grounding and an opportunity to try new things. Yoga starts on the mat and permeates into your life.

Angelina Manzella

Studio: Spirit Yoga Studios, San Diego, CA
Style: Vinyasa, Ashtanga

Philosophy: To help people shed the vail that they have built around their true selves. To become more aware of environment and others. More importantly themselves. Allowing all of us to connect on the deepest level of our true nature. Keeping the practice on the lighter side as in allowing students to humor themselves and just enjoy the journey.

Jared Rowan

Studio: YogaVibez (Ocean City, MD)
Style: Vinyasa; innovative freestyle yoga 

Philosophy: I invest myself in the emotional, spiritual and physical healing of the students. I am a strong believer in the student teacher relation. I believe, it is vital to the practice of yoga. Do we have yoga without love, dedication, trust and connection? I think not! By dedicating myself to each and every yogi’s journey I am not only strengthening and assisting in the yogis personal evolution, I’m also furthering my own. I am investing in life changes! It is a dualistic relationship. I give to them, they give me. I take from them, they take from me.

Kimberly Hawkins

Studio: Corepower Berkeley West Berkeley, CA
Style: Heated Vinyasa

Philosophy: I love studying the transformative relationship between body, mind and breath and am inspired by my husband, a teacher himself, who often challenges himself by practicing yoga blindfolded.  My hope is that my classes will provide respite from the sometimes hectic world and inspire people to find more personal balance both on and off the mat.
Every person who steps into class brings with them their own energy. I am grateful for the synergy that is created as we all breathe.

Lauren Blankenship 

Studio: Be The Change Yoga
Style: Slow Flow Vinyasa

Philosophy: I am passionate about slow flowing vinyasa practices that focus on mindfully connecting the breath with each movement while exploring the body. My practices blend awareness to the breath while creating space in the body and moving with the ebb and flow of the practice, which can be carried off the mat and into the real world. Always having deep gratitude for showing up on the mat; for the only breath we are truly promised, is the one that we have while breathing in this moment, right here, right now.

Anne Wong 

Studio: Semperviva Yoga  Vancouver, BC
Style: Beginner’s Mind – Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Yin

Philosophy: Yoga is to unite, to come together. My teaching emphasizes movements through breaths, energetic and yet grounding.  It is about having fun and staying true to self.  Through every step, we are keeping the integrity of the practice and discovering our true lights within.

Annie Kiel

Studio: Firefly Yoga International, O2 Yoga, Joy Yoga - Boston Metro Area
Style: Vinyasa (Ashtanga based), trauma-informed yoga, and prenatal

Philosophy: I invite students to focus inward and listen to their own bodies - drawing awareness to both the physical and mental practice. I am committed to developing thoughtful and progressive sequences (with particular attention to alignment and safety) ensuring students are properly prepared for peak poses


Studio: Henderson Aikido
Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative

Philosophy: One of my teachers told me, "a flexible person does not a yogi make." This is how I run every class, everyone can do yoga. I take the same concept and use it in every aspect of my teaching, sometimes we just need to modify and build the practice. From yoga, running and martial arts; every one can do it we just need to work together to make your experience successful and beneficial.

Maggie Sabin

Studio: Fitseveneleven, Sachsenhausen Frankfurt, Germany
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I believe that every body is unique and needs to be celebrated. Yoga is not a one size fits all exercise program, but a unique individual experience where the student is in charge of his or her body. In my classes you will never hear words such as ‘have to’ or ‘you should be able to’ nor will I force you into «’perfect’ alignment or shapes that your body simply cannot make due to the structure of your skeleton. Yoga is meant to be a practice enjoyed by anyone and everyone no matter his or her shape, size, age or flexibility. You cannot be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at yoga in my eyes. All you need to do is remember to breathe. I teach yoga because I want people to stay healthy and be comfortable with the body they are in and not try to achieve that ideal and unattainable body. Yoga has empowered me to work through insecurities and abuse (both internal and external) so I am looking to pass along my learning to others in need of strength.

Melissa Hughey

Studio: Yoga of Lancaster Sunflower, MS
Style: Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: My goal is to bring you into the present moment where you can get in touch with what your mind, body, and spirit needs at each practice, and after this act of self-love you are able to leave much more ready and able to carry your light throughout the rest of your day! The classes that I am teaching now are for all levels, and more advanced asanas(postures) can be modified. I teach Vinyasa flow yoga. By uniting breath and movement a student can systematically and appropriately be taken from one point to safely landing at the next point.

Allison Joy Phillips

Studio: Three Jewels, New York, NY
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Allison Joy Phillips has practiced yoga for over a decade. Through practice, Allison Joy has discovered the most fulfilling, sustainable source of happiness and has experienced the divine potential of creativity. She teaches so that she may show others their own incredible, innate power.

Alison Whitehead

Studio: Vinyasa
Style: Studio in the Heights

Philosophy: Work hard and have fun! I also really like this quote by Dr. Kenneth Cooper: "We do not stop exercising because we grow old - we grow old because we stop exercising."

Ashleigh Friesen Wolfe

Studio: Soul Remedies
Style: Yin/ Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: It is important to me to share my passion for yoga for everyone. I know it can be challenging and hard for people to understand that EVERYONE can do yoga. It is important for me that everyone feels comfortable in their own skin no matter what.

Autumn Benedetti

Studio: Ananda Yoga Hadley MA
Style: Vinyasa/ Partner Yoga

Philosophy: My inspiration to practice and teach stems from the continued inspiration, growth and inner-wisdom involved  I focus on integrating breath with movement and empowering each practitioner's organic & spontaneous flow to unfold.  Yoga is for every-body, as long as you are breathing, you are doing it right!

Blake Jung

My given name is Blake Jung, but I go by my spirit name, TRUE.  This name was given to me while training to become a yoga instructor in the amazing country of Guatemala. I have been practicing yoga, meditation, and mindful living around the world for over six years.  I believe that yoga should be available to anyone, regardless of their skills, age, or background.  I hope everyone becomes inspired by the practice of yoga and lives with the amazing benefits I receive from it every day!  

Caitlin Taylor

Style: Power Vinyasa
Studio: SALT Yoga in Tulsa, Oklahoma  

Philosophy: I believe that each student should greet their insecurities with compassion. It's important for my students to understand that every body is different and that comparison is both a thief and a liar :) I want students to understand that their practice will differ from day to day, and that any discrepancies or weaknesses they might find within are not to be judged, only witnessed. There is a light within us all, and yoga can help us discover that.

Carah Ronan

Studio: Urban Yoga Fort Worth Texas
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: evolve : take a deep breath and leap.

Caroline Gronowski

Studio: Yoga Bliss, Akron OH
Style: Hot Power Vinyasa 

Philosophy:  My joyful and energetic classes provide an opportunity for students to come up to their edge and grow in their practice. My students have taught me that the most authentic yogi in the room may be the one who was in child's pose for most of the class. My student's and my practice have taught me to withhold judgment and assume the best in every situation.

Cazoshay Ward

Studio: Yoga By Divine Intervention Design (Anchorage, Alaska)
Style: Hatha, Christjan Style, & Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: As a teacher, I try to guide my students into opening their hearts and being in the present moment. Yoga is a way of life that carries over to social and environmental responsibility & consciousness, which is all incorporated into my teaching philosophy; all brought together with a little humor because I truly believe that laughter is a crucial and necessary part of life!

Chae Yang Bullock

Studio: Yoga Garden Philly
Style: Prana Flow (vinyasa), Anusara

Philosophy: To offer service towards empowerment by mirroring the practice on the mat with life, relationships and yogic philosophies. Often the classes, workshops and training sessions are led with linking alignment with heart theme.


Studio: Virv, Steamboat Springs
Style: Vin/Sculpt

Philosophy: My passion is to connect with each person individually where they are, guide them to reach their goals, facilitate growth of a deep inner sense of joy and peace.

Chelsea Harms

Studio: Soul Blessed Yoga, Rincon & La Parguera, PR
Style: Power Yoga

Philosophy: Yoga is for everyone - this is what I love most about the practice. Come as you are, live in the present and be content with what you have. Practice this on your mat, and live this off your mat.

Christine O'Donnell

Studio: Sukha Arts Center  Harrington Park NJ
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: My practice is soulful and spontaneous-- influenced by the energy of my students, my music, and even the weather.  I teach because I love to move.  I love to inspire.  I love expanding…growing…learning.  Trying new things.  Putting myself out there.  I teach to evoke this passion in the world around me

Claire Smith

Studio: Salt Yoga, Christies Beach, South Australia
Style: Vinyasa 

Philosophy: My classes come from the heart, bringing all kinds of bodies and minds into alignment and then sending them back into the world with sweat drying on their skin and a smile on their face.

Melissa Corwin

Studio: Atmananda Yoga NYC
Style: Power Vinyasa

Philosophy: Someone very wise one told me: It's my yoga practice, not yoga perfect. So I'm passing along that message.

Dan Horowitz

Style: Vinyasa
Philosophy: Go with the flow

Danae Robinett

Studio: San Francisco
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: In teaching, my intention is that students experience a joy with each practice as they discover how much stronger they are than perhaps what they may previously have thought. Yoga is not about struggling, rather it is all about expressing the vast potential that is within all of us just begging to be revealed, trust this potential and radiate your light out into the world!

Debra O'Bryan

Studio: Joyful Breath Yoga, online yoga studio
Style: Enjoys all styles

Philosophy: I Believe in the power of One and that each of us can be the beginning of the change we want to see in the world

Demetra Szatkowski

Studio: Balance Yoga, Forty-Fort, PA
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I teach yoga because it makes me happy. I love showing people the things their bodies are capable of doing, and I love seeing how much better they feel after class. I love connecting with other people. Yoga has helped me so much, and it means a lot to me to be a part of the way it helps other people. Self-acceptance is also huge for me and is a main part of my classes.

DiAnn Hopper

Studio: Hopper Yoga Texarkana , Texas
Style: Christian Yoga

Philosophy: We can always turn can't into can. If you can breathe and move your body you can do yoga.

Dianne Bondy

Studio: Ontario, Canada
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: " Yoga is in all of us and is for all of us. Your size, culture, gender or ability should not determine your self-worth. Everyone deserves to be included in yoga. Yoga for all!"

Emily Wilson

Studio: at Lyons Yoga and Wellness

Teaching method: Her teaching style is intended for those looking to find a challenge, connection, and renewed sense of well being.

Eva Boccio

Studio: Absolute Yoga, Woodbury, NY
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I believe yoga can be practiced by all. Arm balances, inversions and yoga in bikinis on surf boards are not necessary for internal bliss. The yoga world has become exploited and people are afraid to try yoga because of the media's portrayal. I seek to bring yoga to all and show them that there are many different types, reminding them that asana is only one limb of the practice.

Fernanda Grisetti

Studio: Spirit Studio, Basel, Switzerland
Style: Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: As a yoga teacher, I recognize that yoga is a life-long practice, not a destination, and as such, I view my role as a guide for students to delve inward and connect to their deep center. My personal practice is inspired daily by my husband, son, and dog, who remind me every day what it means to live a life full of love and joy.

Gabrielle De Burke

Studio: Dragon Spirit Arts, Lansdowne
Style: Fusion of Taoist & Vinyasa Yoga

Philosophy: I work to inspire my all my students to honor limitations, while challenging them at the appropriate level to be in the present moments of their practice. While I am teaching, I believe that I am always going to be learning from my students and life, as it unfolds. I do not believe that because I have teaching certifications or the ability to facilitate teacher training certification programs as an ERYT 200 that my learning is over, so I keep training with insightful teachers so that I may continue to develop the ability to inspire students.

Hania-Khuri Trapper

Studios:  Universal Power Yoga is in Norwood, Massachusetts
Life Time Athletic, Westwood, MA

Teaching Philosophy: Having always appreciated the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, I began my own serious practice after having two children and starting my own business. Yoga allowed me to really connect with my center and gain focus throughout the demands of my life. As a graduate of the Open Doors 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training Program and Reiki Master, I am thankful to all of my teachers and mentors over the years (including my children who have taught me the most). Teaching not only allows me to deepen my own practice, but to share the joy that comes with finding one’s truer self with others. I fully believe that every person could benefit from a yoga practice. And I feel so very grateful to be able to share the gift of yoga with others.

Irene Alda

The message is:  Yoga allows us to play, learn, explore, fall,  get up, sweat, appreciate, shake, listen, surrender, evolve, let go, breath, experience, imagine, create, rediscover, flow.

Jacqui Shive

Teaching Philosophy: I often tell my students that Yoga can be sincere and profound but it doesn't have to be somber.  There are times that invite us to explore our deepest thoughts and then there are times for child-like laughter and sometimes those times are one in the same.

Jennifer Malloy

Currently Teaching:  Qi Yoga in Sydney, Australia

Jennifer Sinclair

Studio: Jennifer Dawn Yoga (home studio) -Murietta
Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is to keep things light hearted and fun. You have to learn to let go and not to take things so seriously. play.

Jessica Amendola

Studio: Longwave Yoga, Wilmington, NC  
Style: Heated Vinyasa

Philosophy: I believe that any time yoga is practiced, be it in a studio, on the beach or in your bedroom, it is a sacred space. I want my students to feel that they have entered that sacred space and feel that their asana practice is an offering. I strive to teach classes that are lighthearted and fun for my students, but also bring them closer to their higher self.

Jessi Andricks

Studio: The Yoga Loft of Summerville, Summerville SC
Style: Power Vinyasa

Philosophy: In my classes I try to empower students to shed their ideas of their limitations, feel with their bodies, challenge themselves, and tap into the energy that resides within them. My goal is to help everyone live the happy, healthy life they deserve.

Jessica Lubin

Studio: Good Karma Studio Albany, NY
Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy:

Remain Open
I tell all my students...Yoga is for everyone and Everyone starts somewhere!
It's not always about what the posture "should" look like, focus instead on how the pose FEELS to you and your body. Everybody is different & what's right for one person's body may not be right for another. Honor your body and its limitations. Keep in mind that yoga is a practice, a personal practice, that is constantly evolving & expanding if you allow it to.
Remember this motto: "Much practice brings progress" Hari Aum Tat Sat

Jessica Seibert

Home studio: Prima Yoga Pittsburgh, PA
Style: Vinyasa

Teaching philosophy: I am empowered by the light yoga shines in each and every moment of my life. I strive to bring the joy of yoga in my life into my students' lives both in and out of the hot room. Opening student's eyes to find their internal happiness, health and love is beautiful.

Jodi Nash

Studio: Hot Vinyasa
Style: Life power yoga, Lawrenceville GA

Philosophy: I love to inspire yogis to breath deeply, inhaling love, exhaling peace. Building strength and power inside their bodies, and calmness and connectedness on the outside. I encourage students to enjoy every moment of the journey and not get too caught up in worrying if they are doing the exact posture, but moving organically and honoring their bodies.

Jordan Mallah

Studio: Life Aligned Studio, Tribeca NYC
Style: Life Aligned

Philosophy: YOUR LIFE ALIGNED is a philosophy, therapy and ever-evolving goal integrating all the elements of physical, spiritual, nutritional and purposeful living. Jordan methodically applies postural alignment and therapeutic biomechanics to provide the physical and spiritual foundation for this broader life-enhancing and ultimately life-changing approach.

Judy Swens

Studio: Blissful Yoga, Sechelt BC
Style: Hatha/Flow & Yoga Tune Up

Philosophy: Through my teaching I hope to inspire others to reach their highest potential!

Kelley Harper

Studio: Sol Shine Yoga Studio Marathon, Florida
Style: Vinyasa/Hatha Flow 

Philosophy: Yoga is our opportunity to explore our bodies in a sacred and safe space. The most important thing I want students to remember before, during, and after class is to honor themselves. I hope students leave my classes feeling accomplished, perhaps they explored their practice in a new way, and they have done something to heal themselves, uncovering their most authentic self along the journey.

Christina Lee

Studio: Moksha Yoga Studio, Chicago Riverwest
Style: Hatha, Flow & Kundalini

Philosophy: The yoga lifestyle keeps me grounded and expanding - Divine balance of consciousness with mind, health and spirit (& humor). Staying in my truth, connecting with community & honoring beautiful nature. Creating conscious connections!

Izumi Sato

Studio: Worlds Yoga Milpitus, CA
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Over 20 years of performing dance makes my style of yoga an elegant Vinyasa flow choreographed with breath as the rhythm. My teaching focuses on adjusting your alignment to help prevent injuries and demonstrates how your body and mind can work great together. “Happiness is the highest form of health.” Dalai Lama.

Dr. Kimberly Richter

Studio: Flow Yoga, Bushland Beach, Queensland, AU
Style: Power Vinyasa

Philosophy: I believe yoga should be accessible and enjoyable to everyone. I believe in making yoga fun and taking the ultra-seriousness out of it. That's not to say the real purpose of yoga isn't deep, just that it doesn't need to always be practiced with seriousness. I also believe each yogi knows his or her own body better than any teacher ever will, and to truly appreciate and gain optimum benefits from yoga, one must tune in to his or her own innate sense.

Megan Daley

Studio: Dancing Waters Yoga
Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa

Philosophy: Side by side, through instruction, I challenge my students to experience and grow in the art of letting go and listening. While their practice is THEIR practice, I hope they can find a balance between doing and listening; moving into each pose with full intention, connecting mind and body. Maintaining the philosophy of yoga through disciplined breathing and conventional asanas, my teachings offer a blend of traditional and modernized sequencing; lending the freedom to play, flow and move, while fueling a personal fitness regime. 

From Vinyasa Yoga, a powerful, fluid and playful practice to Hatha Yoga, a deep and intentional, breath oriented class, I encourage everyone to adopt a style that speaks to them. Ultimately, what I hope, is that each student, myself included, recognizes how strong and magnificent they are, always growing and inspiring those around them.

Christina Andrini

Studio: Jai Bhakti Yoga New Orleans, LA 
Style: Hatha

Philosophy: We believe the gift of yoga should be accessible for everyone at every stage of life. Through such inspiring faith and empowerment, we are moved by this spirit to utilize these gifts and benefits of yoga to reach out to our poverty-stricken, minority, low-income families, homeless, disabled, and elderly. As well as to our first responders, active military, and veterans, that hit the front lines each day with no substantial outlet to cope with the traumas of their daily activities and the lives they touch and come in contact with. We are encouraged to make a difference in the lives of those in need of change.

April Puciata

Studio: Devotion Yoga Hoboken, NJ and Embrace Yoga DC, Washington DC
Style: Vinyasa Flow/ISHTA

Philosophy:  Yoga is a practice that starts for many of us with connecting with and gaining some control over our bodies. This is why the asana are so important and powerful. The physical body is the way in. As we continue and dig deeper we discover it is practice that allows us to control something even greater and more challenging - the mind. 

Yoga is that magical space where the mind stills and the magic happens. It is when we see clearly who we truly are. As a teacher I use all of the techniques, all the 8 limbs to help students access that part of themselves.

Dana Sweeney 

Studio: Nandi Yoga San Mateo, CA
Style: Vinyasa 

Philosophy:  My teaching and practice is deeply connected to the breath, focuses on alignment, and encourages everyone to listen to the body and do what's right for you today.





Joy Scola

Studio: Treehouse Yoga Studio Austin, Texas
Style: Hatha

Philosophy: I believe a yoga practice should be healing, not for "perfecting" poses. My main mission in life is to raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time. In order to change the world we must change ourselves. That takes a great deal of looking inward and shedding the negative karma's of your body/mind/spirit to awake to your true essence. My intentions when teaching is to bring mindfulness of self into our lives, to slow down enough to discover what triggers us so we can change our karmic reactions, and grow to be more empathetic and loving towards all living beings.

Julie Bergfeld

Studio: Metro Power Yoga Kirkwood, MO
Style: Baptiste Power Vinyasa

Philosophy: I believe in empowering my students to move beyond what they know.

Vicky Liu 

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I believe yoga is for everybody. When we practice yoga, practitioners should feel comfortable with their breaths yet at the same time be open to welcome the sensation without fighting for it. So when I teach yoga, I want to make sure students always check in with their breaths, and I also encourage them to feel and experience that challenge they want to feel and experience within their motion range, that is to say without forcing or rushing anything. The strength and that sense of balance and peace one find on the mat can be carried throughout all aspects in life.

Justine Bacon

Studio: Philly Yoga Factory
Style: Hot Vinyasa


Have fun.
Be safe.
Learn and keep learning, never stop.
Be present. Be myself. Keep it simple.  Keep it real.
Switch it up.
Play AMAZING music.
Give feedback. Encourage growth.
Make mistakes and FLOURISH.
Love, Laugh, Breathe.

Eve Destunis

Studio: Session Yoga 123
Style: Baptiste Power Yoga

Philosophy: Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. Confucius
It’s not how many times you fall that counts it’s in how many times you get back up and try again.

Pam Rochelle 

Studio: North Park YMCA - Forth Worth, TX
Style: Hatha

Philosophy: I would say my teaching philosophy is "A Practice for Everyone". Working at the YMCA I have all levels of yogis attending my classes. I try to get to know the students in my classes and what parts of their bodies they may need to take care of. I give lots of options in poses and encourage everyone take the options that are right for them. I strive to structure my classes such that a beginner will feel successful and an advanced yogi will feel challenged.

Kierstin Nicole Graham 

Studio: Pure Balance St. Thomas, USVI
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Everyone can do yoga. We are all constantly growing, changing, and evolving. You don't have to be a certain size, live a certain lifestyle, or see life in a certain light. All you need to practice yoga is the desire to breathe and live.

Jewel Peach  

Studio: Yoga Pod Gainesville Gainesville, FL
Style: Power/Rocket Ashtanga

Philosophy: Coming from an extensive dance background, I use my passion for movement as inspiration for my teaching style. I would say one my main goals of class is to use postures that seamlessly sequence together and allow you to just get lost in the flow. The other goal would be occasional laughter, of course.

Kaitlin Morris

Studio: Good Ground Yoga
Style: Forrest Yoga

Philosophy: I believe in evidence-- I want scientific, measurable proof that yoga is working to improve the body, mind, and soul. I was skeptical when I began practicing 10 years ago, but almost immediately I noticed tangible benefits that have just kept flowing into my life over the past decade. I believe in humor, in celebrating everybody's abilities and gifts, and in finding one's authentic self to live life fully.

Tara Kestner

Studio: LA Fitness Toledo, Ohio
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Yoga is not just for the young, athletic and flexible yoga. It is a conditioning program which improves performance, reduces stress, prevent injuries and promotes recovery. More than just stretching, emphasis on breath awareness improves focus and reduces the effects of stress. Increased flexibility and balance improve overall body strength, efficiency and power. In short, yoga will make all aspects of your life better.

Kat Robinson

Studio: Active Kat Yoga, Doniphan, MO
Style: Hatha

Philosophy: Yoga is for everybody and every body. I am the only teacher for several miles so I have to be quite diverse. I believe in teaching the students that are in front of me at the time rather than stick to a certain format. 

Katia Grodecki

Studio: SOL Pilates and Yoga, Markham, Ontario
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: My goal is to make everyone who walks into the studio feel welcome and cared for. I love to provide individual attention while focusing on careful alignment in all postures and emphasizing the importance of listening to our intuitive voice in everything we do, on and off the mat.

Autumn Weidenhamer

Studio: Fitness Formula Club, Chicago 
Style: Ashtanga/Vinyasa

Philosophy: My goal is to make everyone who walks into the studio feel welcome and cared for. I love to provide individual attention while focusing on careful alignment in all postures and emphasizing the importance of listening to our intuitive voice in everything we do, on and off the mat.

Ashley White

Studio: Gotta Yoga, Lake Norman
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I began practicing to develop awareness and self-compassion. As a teacher, I am passionate about teaching my students to fully experience each moment and to live their lives profoundly. I believe that yoga can be for everyone. In the words of Pema Chodron, practice isn’t about becoming something better, it's about befriending who we already are.

Katie Chamberlain Kritikos

Studio: Katydid Yoga

Philosophy: Katie is a yogini, writer, and jewelry designer living in Chicago’s West Loop.  A former attorney with experience as a solo practitioner and tax litigator, she is now a yoga entrepreneur cultivating a creative, fulfilling career empowering students to live healthy, meaningful lives.  When she’s not writing, reading, or practicing handstands, Katie enjoys studying French and German, taking long walks with her husband, and sampling craft beer. 

Lauren Giordano

Style: Vinyasa/Budokon
Studio: Balanced Planet Yoga 

Philosophy:  I currently, teach a class called Yoga is for Everybody. I believe yoga, as an asana practice, helps us to create strength physically. Through meditation we create mental strength. By coupling the two, we become mindful humans. Humans that go out into the world and spark radical change, or create epic movements of kindness, empathy and compassion with our daily interactions. Ultimately, I believe our energy is our legacy to the earth and we must use it to manifest whatever creates passion in our lives. I teach to the body, I try to focus on creating strong bases or foundations that allow fluid transitions and minimize the potential for injury (in regards to the physical practice).

Kelly McGill 

Style: Heated Vinyasa
Studio: Balance Health and Wellness, Philadelphia PA

Philosophy: Yoga brings us closer to ourselves...helps us understand what is important and that we can find the greatest joy within ourselves. I try my best to teach a fun, lighthearted class, where we can come back to our breath and connect to our higher self.

Kim Michelle

Studio: The Yoga Mat, Lake Zurich, IL
Style: Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: My motto in class is that yoga is like life - if we fall, we get right back up.

Megan Hannan

Studio: iThrive Yoga Parker, CO
Style: Hatha

Philosophy: I strive to offer acceptance and connection to my clients, restoration to the body, and a greater feeling of each person’s interdependence with the Earth, humanity, and their own internal divinity.

Kristen O'Toole

Studio: Little Yoga House, Wantagh, NY
Style: Ashtanga

Philosophy: Practice, 24/7. Always practicing yoga, on and off the mat, guides what & how I share what I learn with my students.

Kristin Page

Studio: Verge Yoga Studio
Style: Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: I believe that there is a natural rhythm and intelligence in our bodies, minds and hearts that gets clouded and disconnected by the busy-ness of our daily lives. Mindfully matching our breath with our movement becomes a divine dance that bring us back to a connected state of union. It bring us back home, again and again and again.

Kristina Serna

Studio: Core Club LA  Eagle Rock
Style: Hatha Blend

Philosophy: As a student of yoga I am given the opportunity to learn about myself with compassionate awareness. As a yoga instructor and artist I believe in serving my community to freely explore their bodies with breath intelligence and awareness. I intend to open a sense of wild peace that resonates beyond the yoga mat. Spread Love by Shining in your Light and Dancing in your Shadow!

Anni Engelhardt

Studio: Core to Coeur-Online Studio 
Style: Restorative/Vinyasa

Philosophy: My classes inspire introspection, spine stability, body positivity, and self-care. Alongside poses and movement, I reinforce contemplation, meditation and breathing practices to ensure emotional well-being. Breath work always takes priority in any pose.

Lauralynn Jansen

Style: blend of hatha with focus on Anusara principles

Philosophy: Sustainabililty. Everyone I work with my aim is to have them become sustainable in their own practice so they feel confident and empowered through their whole being.

Lauren Leduc

Style: Vinyasa
Studio : Reveille, Riverside, CA

Philosophy: I opened my own studio because I wanted to reach people on a deeper level. I didn't want to just operate under others' philosophies, but I wanted to create a place that was exactly what I wanted. What I am most proud of about what I have created is the community and family atmosphere that I have fostered in my studio. My teaching philosophy goes beyond just teaching a class and permeates into all of my interactions with my clients. I want to create a safe and warm place where people can challenge themselves and push past what they thought was possible. I believe in making people feel valued and cared for and seek to help them become the best versions of themselves while realizing that they are capable of much more than they ever knew. 

Cheryl Hines

Style: Spirited Hot Vinyasa Flow 
Studio : TheBEATFitness Amelia Island, FL

Philosophy: When students step into the studio, my goal is to incorporate a mix of balance, strength and softness.  The mind, body connection cultivated in class, will be key to ridding negative habits, and forming positive new pathways.My intention is to bring students a bit deeper into their Yoga practice every time they step on the mat.May we grow and sway together like branches in trees.  

Lauren Peterson

Studio: MiraCosta College, Oceanside, CA
Style: Hatha and Stand UP Paddle Yoga

Philosophy: My objective as a yoga instructor is for my students to be able to feel safe and comfortable enough to let go of any drama or stress they might have had, the moment their souls/soles touch their mat...that my students leave my class with their mind body, and soul replenished and strengthened to take on the rest of their day or week.

Ling Beisecker

Studio: William and Mary Campus Recreation, Williamsburg, VA
Style: Vinyasa or Hatha

Philosophy: My yoga philosophy is constantly changing and evolving because every day, every practice, every moment I change.

Jill Kraz

Studio: Yogavibez (Edgewater Location)
Style: SUP Yoga, Vinyasa, retreats, Seniors, special needs, tweens

Philosophy:  Making fitness/yoga fun and available to everyone. 


Lisa Bermudez

Studio: Yogamaya New York NYC, Stanton Street Yoga NYC, Yoga On The Rocks NYC
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Yoga is a doorway and a pathway that helps us deal with the issues we face both within ourselves and in the world around us. It's a chance to realize that everything we need is inside of us: motivation, comfort, energy, etc. My goal as a teacher is to help students realize that they hold the answers to their own questions and that everything we seek is within us in some way, shape or form. I also encourage fun, laughter, and new ways into some of the harder poses (I LOVE making the seemingly difficult become accessible!)

Lisa Rams

Style: Hatha, Yin 

Philosophy: Yoga is for everyone! Yoga shows you that it is worth dare to break out from the usual ways, no matter what others say. To focus on YOU, figure out what YOU really want and then to implement it in all ways - no matter what. I have learned that the only way which leads to true happiness is through oneself.
It dosn´t matter how you look on your mat or how flexible you are; whether you can touch your feet with your hands or not - on the mat the only thing that matters is you and how you can soothe the blurred thoughts.
You learn to listen to your heart, to trust the intuition and to accept what is. As a bonus you look forward to a healthy body being in balance of strength and flexibility.

Lisa Peters

Studio: Soul Remedies, Grande Prairie
Style: Fluid Power

Philosophy: Yoga offers benefits from the inside out. It has helped me manage my anxiety and feel more confident. I want to help students find their own practice and benefits.

Melissa Gitchel

Style: Vinyasa
Studio: Shore Yoga (Newport Beach, CA)

Philosophy: I am drawn to vinyasa for many reasons, but am continuously inspired by the balance of power and grace. My style tends to be more grounding and restorative but I still love to get everyone's heart rates up. Most important to be is comfort and safety in all areas - the body, the mind, and the heart. I want every student to feel supported and successful.

Marty Ewing

Studio: Marti Ewing Yoga Therapy, Houston, Texas
Style: Ha-Tha

Philosophy: Anyone can do yoga and benefit. My practice recognizes that not every pose is for every BODY-
I teach those with limitations not to be defined by their condition but to be empowered through Yoga and Yoga therapy

Marylou Webb

Studio: Karma Center, Springfield MO

Philosophy: I teach with empathy, love, understanding, forgiveness and peace

Melissa Devries

Studio: Be Fitness and Wellness Center, Delafield, WI
Style: Vinyasa

Meredith Cameron

Style: Vinyasa
Studio: Fraser Valley Recreation Center

Philosophy: Yoga is not about if you can contortion yourself into a particular pose. It is about allowing the poses to teach you to navigate your own body, to listen to your own body, and for understanding and empowering yourself.
I am an advocate for the spaces in-between. What happens to you in-between down dog and plank? Honor the pause, both on and off of the mat.

Meryl Spurlin

Studio: Day Yoga Studio Dayton, Ohio
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: My personal teaching philosophy is that anyone and everyone should and can practice yoga. It is such an incredible way to connect your mind, body, and soul. Yoga helps everyone connect to the deepest darkest corners of themselves and continually transforms their lives.

Michelle DeNicola

Studio: Fuel the Soul  Merrick, NY
Style: Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: When you take my class you can expect an energetic flow, it should be fun, not an ordeal. Cheat, skip things, take a break and just breathe . With my fun music mixes you are sure to get a class that will not only make you sweat, but make you feel safe, welcome and relaxed.

Nadine McNeil

Primary Studio(s): Yoga on Montrose, Afya Yoga Studio, Core Fitness, Jamaica Yoga Association
Preferred Style: Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy:  Whenever students inquire as to the level of my classes; i.e., whether or not they are beginners, I choose to remind them that each time we step on the mat, we are always at the beginning. Each experience is a new one, that provides an opportunity to re-discover whom we already are, intrinsically.

Natalie Snyder

Studio: Zen Yoga Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: I love slow movements, connecting breath and awareness with the entire body and mind. I'm a true believer that salt is a natural medicine, so I love to bring the tropics to you and influence a hot and sweaty, detoxifying atmosphere. When teaching in the tropics, it's important to focus on keeping the heat & that personal light lit, so a constant reminder in my classes is important in order to keep the inspiration present.

Nicole D'Andrea

Studio: Garden State Yoga (Bloomfield, NJ)
Style: Vinyasa, Yoga Alignment

Philosophy: Vibrant, creative flow set to music that moves the soul. Careful attention to safe anatomical alignment. Encouragement to move from the heart in every way.

Patsy Springer

Studio:  Bridal Zen
Style: Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is to share what I love and how I have grown in my practice. Come back to the breath, and let's not take ourselves too seriously- giggle. You are unique, and your practice is a personal expression of who you are today.

Patty Dobson

Studio: Allum Community Centre (Elstree & Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England)
Style: Hatha Yoga

Philosophy: There’s a yoga practice for everyone. My intention in every class is to be of use to my students and hold the space for them, providing a supportive, compassionate, lighthearted environment in which they can explore their own organic experiences and reconnect with their inner wisdom.

Paula Paluch

Studio: Shanti Yoga and Fitness Rehoboth, MA
Style: Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: Yoga is transformative; change your body, mind and soul!

Polia Stancheva

Studio: NYSC New York City
Style: Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Yoga Nidra

Philosophy: I am proving that yoga is really therapy and science for longevity.It's not about how many things you acquire, it's about how many people you inspire

Hope Knosher

Studio: Hope's Yoga Johns Creek, GA

Style: Hatha

Philosophy: I believe that there is a yoga practice for everyone, and specialize in meeting individuals "where they are” helping them grow their practice while inspiring and empowering each individual to live a more joyful and connected life.


Rachel Wilson

Studio: Om My Yoga, Camp Hill, PA
Style: Vinyasa, Aerial and Acro Yoga

Philosophy: I believe that yoga is for everyone and my job as a teacher is to give them the options and coaching they need to empower and inspire them to keep the practice.  I often tell people that if they say they don't like yoga, they just haven't found the right style or teacher for them, or haven't taken enough classes. 

Regina Brown

Style: Yoga Instructor (Vinyasa & Prenatal)

Philosophy: Practicing yoga for over 8 years prior to instructing and enjoying the great benefits that came with a continuous practice, Regina was inspired to teach.  Her creative approach to sequencing is based on building mind/body balance & strength to enhance focus, connection and forward moving energy as we travel through our lives.  All vinyasa classes are music based and energetic with prenatal sequences being more restorative in nature

Rhia Cataldo

Studio: Power Yoga Of Cape Cod (Cape Cod, MA) Maui Yoga Shala (Paia Maui ) Bhakti Yoga Shala (Santa Monica, CA)
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Yoga is a time to release the layers which keep me separate and run by ego. Yoga is a time for me to fit in my body, feel prana pulsing through me. I give thanks, with each asana, each breath, as my prayer. I invite you to join me on this path together of returning to ourselves. Journeying with love always, Life is a gift, lets celebrate!

Kellie Cuningham

Style: Performance Yoga for Athletes

Teaching Philosophy: To develop an individualized personal yoga practice for each student. Improving the performance of the athlete’s specific sport by increasing flexibility, by utilization the breath slowly stretching the body’s connective tissue.

Brooke Bailey


Studio: New Orleans via YogaLagniappe.com; the World via SBrookeBailey.com

Teaching Philosophy: I design my classes and offerings around helping students use the tools of yoga to connect not only to their bodies, but to their souls. From that place of connection I encourage them to refine their ability to make choices that are in line with their highest potential and transform their lives in ways that allow them to live as the most powerful version of themselves.

Sandy Bechard

Studio: Greener Postures Yoga (GPY)
Style: Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: I teach under my own LLC Bonafide Yoga. Bonafide meaning tried and true, words I try to live by.

Sara Lynn Antrim

Studio: The Yoga Mat, Lake Zurich, IL
Style: Yin Yoga

Philosophy: Peace of mind and body, acceptance, & gratitude are included in my class lessons -- a concept which seems to be disappearing in the modern fitness-based yoga world. I teach yoga to help people take control of the power to heal themselves -- outside and in -- in their daily life. I spread the love & healing power of yoga anywhere, any time, to anyone! In my free time, I practice "grass yoga" -- freestyle yoga outdoors wherever it calls my name!

Sara Scharton

Studio: Spirit Yoga studios San Diego ca
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: It is my goal to help others get to the next level in their practice, by reminding them that they are capable of anything. I am also passionate about Introducing yoga to non-practitioners in order to share my love of the practice and to have the opportunity to watch them grow as a result.

Sarah Fitzgerald

Studio: 4025 Yoga and Wellness, Richmond, VA
Style: Vinyasa, Integral, Restoratives

Philosophy: I try to spread the joy and love of yoga to as many people as will let me. I'm strongly about bringing the practice to meet people where they are and uncovering the illusion that we have to already be what yoga tries to teach us. I like to tell my students "We practice SO that we can, not because we can."

Shantelle Abshire

Studio: Anelas
Style: Bapiste Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: My intention is to help people find new possibilities, while creating a safe environment for all.  Together we reach a healthy, happy and whole community! While meeting people where they are, I am able to create a practice that meets each persons needs!  

Stephanie Mendez

Studio: Y7 Studio & 3E Yoga & Therapy
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: My main goal in teaching yoga is to help my students work towards finding their truest self in order to live the most fulfilling and happiest life possible. My classes are very emotionally and physically challenging so I try to allow space for all the emotions that arise when one is moving past his/her comfort zone. I encourage students to check in with themselves and find compassion for those they encounter on a daily basis.

Stacey Shanks

Studio: Tri-State Yoga Studio Evansville, IN
Style: Hatha

Philosophy: My yoga philosophy is about practice on and off the mat. I believe that yoga is so much more than the asanas. I want to make yoga accessible to more people and share yogic philosophy whenever I can. It's not about having the perfect yoga body, doing the most challenging pose or eating a certain way, it's about asking and searching for the answers to some of life's most important questions. Why are we here? What is our purpose? How can we serve?

Stephanie Gupana

Style: Ashtanga

Teaching Philosophy: For my asana classes (private and corporate), I teach an all-levels class accessible to everyone that decides to practice. It's very humbling for me to teach this way since I enjoy very challenging personal practice. But, the reality is, not everyone wants to do arm balances or inversions and some students just want a place to come into their bodies and breathe. I'm honored to provide that for them. For my weekly meditation classes, I tell my students before we start the session that this is a safe space of no judgement and a place where we can use the energy from others to find the voice within us that uses no words. I serve my students by doing my absolute best to connect with on a very basic human level; understanding that I am there to serve them and help them find peace on their mat.

Steph Wall

Studio: Neumovement and Karma Yoga & Fitness  Kelowna, CA
Style: Power Yoga

Philosophy: To pass on my knowledge of yoga to students so they can stoke the fire within oneself to live empowered and inspired.

Natascha Thompson

Studio: Downtown Yoga Pleasanton
Style:  Iyengar

Philosophy: Yoga has changed my life. I want others to derive the same benefits. 

ANYBODY can do yoga. Nothing better than to see the happiness in a student's eyes, realizing what they can do that they never expected or forgot about.



Tessa Buon Viso

Studio: Namastess Yoga Studio, Brussels, Belgium
Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Don't limit yoga to an activity on your mat, let it be your mindset.

Tiffany Gore (yogini Tiff)

Studio: Azores, Portugal
Style: Slow Vinyasa Flow 

Philosophy: My classes are slow, fluid, and dance like.  Coordinating mindful movement with the breath, and often to the music of Vaisnava.

I see myself as a 'Yoga Guide' and I encourage my students to balance 'effort with ease'. There is healing magic in each breath. 

TJ Mokkosian

Style: to practice ashtanga, to teach Vinyasa, restorative
Studio: Drive Yoga Studio Methuen, MA

Philosophy: My teaching at its very core is one rooted in my heart, and in love

Brein Matturro

Style: Vinyasa
Studio: BeWell Studios North Conway, NH

Philosophy: I love to teach with joy and laughter. My goal is always to push hard, sweat some, try new flows and postures and make it as fun as possible.

Christine Schmitt

Studio: SoulYoga Dortmund, Germany
Style: Hot Yoga, Ashtanga

Philosophy: Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on your way down - Gigar Gor Love every moment <3

Tricia Ptak

Style: Vinyasa and Yoga Therapy

Philosophy: Each individual possesses within them the capacity to find their truth, strength and brilliance.  By listening closely, we unfold this truth through our breath and bodies.  Leading others to their light and self acceptance is my joy

Wendy Melville

Studio: Wendy's Gentle Yoga, 1050 Grandview Street North Oshawa. TruBliss, Courtice and also Glow Yoga, Whitby
Style: Hatha, Restorative, Therapuetic

Philosophy: Everyone can practice yoga. all you need to do is breathe and get to class

Willow Ryan

Home Studio: Inner Elements Yoga
Preferred Style: Forrest Yoga 

Kelly McClendon

Studio: Essence Mind Body Studio, Perrysburg Ohio
Style: Hatha Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: My goal is to help clients learn to relax and live in peace in the present moment. Simply breathing and being aware of the flow of the breath can help any stressful moment.

Joanna McGowan

Studio: Jolly Llama Yoga Studio Newtown Square, PA
Style: Vinyasa Flow 

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that the benefits of yoga are for everyone and I am committed to bringing yoga to traditionally under-represented populations. The most important one to me is the autism community (my son has severe autism). I teach yoga outside the studio as well. In addition to working with children and adults on the autism spectrum, I teach yoga in a drug and alcohol treatment center; I teach chair yoga to individuals with limited mobility; and I work with local schools to bring yoga to at-risk youth. In the studio, I do my best to make my classes accessible to everyone. I try to demystify yoga, offering direction, support, and lots of modifications. Yoga is a practice after all, and all of us are life-long learners.

Simone Gil 

Studio: Yoga Mukti Dumbo, Brooklyn
Style: Dharma Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: I conceive of yoga as a system that goes beyond physical practice. An emotional, spiritual and physical therapy through the body as a tool as a sacred technology. From the yogic perspective, the body is a necessary tool to achieve certain objectives: mental, spiritual, physical health, everything depends on the individual process of students. My classes focus on a personalized and direct work with each student, taking into account their individual processes and objectives.


Studio: paddling paradise
Style: SUP Yoga and Acro yoga, Yin, Vinyasa, & Acro

Teaching Philosophy: everyBODY is different. We all have a different bone structure, thought process, & goal. No matter what walk of life you come from there is a type of Yoga for YOU. Listening to your body & tapping into your intuition is key. As a Yoga Teacher it is important to remember you are forever a student, teaching is just part of your journey. Namaste!

Lisa Laird 

Studio: Big Sky Yoga Retreats, Bozeman, MT
Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy:  I believe that personal awareness trickles directly into community awareness and that through yoga, one breath at a time, people can positively change their lives and the world. Ultimately, I teach to spread peace!

Hannah Hartsell 

Studio: Wild Light Yoga Studio (Sweaty Ganesh) Eugene, Oregon
Style: Hatha/Vinyasa

Megan Grbic

Studio: Flow Yoga (Hohokus, NJ), Equinox
Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Megan is in Ashtanga inspired instructor, committed to teaching fun and challenging classes while using the exquisite alignment and sequencing principles of traditional Ashtanga yoga. Expect powerful Vinyasa sequences, "meditation in motion" and a mind/body connection that holds strong on or off the mat. 

Liberty Suares

Studio: Liberty-Yoga, Curacao
Style: Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: Liberty’s yoga classes are best described as meditation in movement.
Her favourite style of yoga is Vinyasa. Vinyasa yoga can be seen as the combination of breath and movement. It’s a flowing practice where you move to the rhythm of your breath. The classes are designed to help you build strength and flexibility, relax yet energise your body, and gain confidence in your yoga practice and daily life.

Michelle Cagan 

Studio: YogaWorks Pikesville and Midtown
Style: Vinyasa 

Teaching Philosophy: 

As a devoted and motivational instructor, Michelle creates a challenging, inspirational and nurturing class. She wants her students to feel empowered, centered and challenged in classes, but mostly to enjoy themselves.









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